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Circularity & Sustainability

Innovation for a very traditional industry

Reversing climate change

The food industry with its pesticides, waste dumps, Artificial fertilisers and industrial food processing methods is a large contributor to climate change and poor soil health.

 This platform is here to invite an industry to act different and source sustainably. To empower consumers to have impact and hold business responsible for a healthy planet and food for the future for next generations 

Food Innovation 

Inviting an industry to go Zero Waste

@ The World Food Center, Ede

The primacy aim of the olive yards is the reuse of olive waste to reduce carbon footprint of olive oil production, the protection of land against climate change and to enrich the taste and healthiness of olive oil brands.

How we challenge the industry to do better for healthy food and a healthy planet?

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Agri Oliva Tech


The collective work of AgrI Oliva Tech innovation, the EU and this platform aim for the valorization of waste streams. Taking the waste problem to a positive and further than composting. 

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healthy olive oil
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