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Together We Impact

Combining science and agri innovation for better, regenerative olive cultivation and a better planet


Our mission is to bring back the authentic crafting of extra virgin olive oil, with premium gastronomic value, creating superior beneficial effects on our human and planet's health.

The Vlyssides Method

We go beyond organic and we go zero waste. The Olive Yards as a platform was established in 2020, thanks to research and foresight of Greek science and the will of Mediterranean olive producers with the aim to set a new, enhancing norm of olive oil making.

Irrespective of the various qualities of the olives and the extracted olive oil, producers of The Olive Yards follow the production and valorization standards; organoleptic, sustainable and zero waste.


Professor Vlyssides

Professor Apostolis Vlyssides is a phenomena of the olive oil industry. Himself and his team from the laboratory for Organic and Environmental technology of the technical Univerity in Athens conduct for over 30 years of research.


His research and composting innovation we share as a common practice for regenerative olive tree cultivation. By resetting the norm for (extra virgin) olive oil we aim for better lives of olive farm communities and better health of consumers and our planet.


Circular Olives

 By using Bio Agra Oliva's soil conditioner 

This circular Soil conditioner of Bio Agra Olive protects nature in the connected olive farms (soil , plants, tree) against harmful micro-organism in the soil and against insects and parasites.


The improvement in soil structure not only uplifts the biodiversity of the olive groves. Latest steps in the use of this bio-compost from olive waste, shows also accelerated growth of crops in vineyards. 


Sustainable  Olive Mills

From the olive farms, olives are transported to the associated olive mills. Through a mix of early harvest by the olive farm, cold press, not using any chemicals or pesticides and the use of energy renewables (eg solar energy) contribute to a sustainable short chain.


Bio Agra Oliva Tech

The love and passion of Professor Vlyssides and his team of Bio Agri Oliva is contagious. They see it as their duty to give back to nature what nature provides

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