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Workshops - Cooking with Olive Oil

Updated: May 14, 2022

Get ready for the best food hacks with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - From Pincho's to Desserts. Exclusive for and by De Olijfgaarden | The Olive Groves.

Olive oil is the perfect fat for your makes your food shine and tasty. More importantly it makes your meals more healthy and easily to digest. In this workshop we show you the many, surprising ways you can use extra virgin olive oil. Beyond just the salad or dips. We will show you how to use olive oil for raw food, to cook, to marinade, to fry and even to BQQ. Of course with a lot of Greek food. Who doesn't like Greek food?(#cookingwitholiveoil)

Learn to create tasty and healthy food and the best diet, the Mediterranean Diet. Follow us at Instagram (elietsa_extravirginoliveoil)

The Mediterranean Diet

This workshops not only show you how to create the most tastiest meals for your self and your loved ones. We also show you how olive oil is the base of one of the best diets, the mediterranean Diet. Its for a reason several blue zones are in The Mediterranean is longevity is attributed to extra-vierge olive oil.


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