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Its here ! Adopt an Olive Tree

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Its unique for Western Europe. You and your loved ones, even restaurant businesses do it...adopting an olive tree and get your own olive tree.

With the Adopt-an-Olive Tree project you get the harvest of your tree in the form of olive oil delivered to your home.

It is about 3 liters of extra-virgin olive oil in total. The best quality, 100% natural olive oil from Greece. Straight from our olive groves in your kitchen. You can follow everything online and share it with your friends, for example about the harvest of your own green tree. Or create your own culinary art with your own olive oil. In short, we make impact together. You will receive everything in a nice box at home including a gift to boost your healthy cooking creations.....

Visit and order your special box 'My Own EVOO' at the shop at

In this special box your recieve the harvest o f your own circular grown olivetree, your own extra virgin olive oil. Super tasty. Super Healthy + a free cooking book!

You can register now to participate in this special project. Our first tranche of olive trees for adoption is limited. Send us an email to info@deolijfgaarden if you want to know more or if you want to register for this unique project. #experiencethecraft #togetherweimpact.

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