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How we help the Olive Oil Industry to beat climate change?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Olive Yards: Pioneering Circular and Zero waste Solutions in the Olive Oil Industry

fighting climate change to produce bio-circular extra virgin olive oil

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In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable agriculture, As a front runner team, Elietza recently participated in a three-day olive industry event hosted by the International Olive Oil Council, where the pressing issues of climate change were discussed in-depth. The event served as a catalyst, aligning seamlessly with our current three-year journey towards creating a net positive impact in the olive industry.


The Olive Yards - A Connection for Bio-circular Olive Oil

For the past three years, our commitment to sustainability has materialized through "The Olive Yards," an open platform that serves as a nexus connecting farms dedicated to circular olive farming.

This collaborative initiative has laid the foundation for our groundbreaking agri-composting innovation – the Vlyssides method. This innovative approach has not only garnered recognition within the industry but has also paved the way for the production of a premium-quality bio-circular extra virgin olive oil, going beyond organic food.

Collaboration and Recognition?

In happy memory of our various awards in healthy food and premium extra virgin olive oil on the way was already a humble recognition from experts in the industry. The event workshop's insights alignment with our vision of providing circular and sustainable solutions to the olive industry was very encouraging to open up more collaborations, wider together with the industry...

We were all thrilled to witness significant strides in the olive industry's journey towards sustainability. The collective focus on addressing the challenges posed by climate change and exploring new business opportunities was truly inspiring.

The industry's collective focus on climate change challenges resonates deeply with our vision. Our workshop's insights align seamlessly with our commitment to providing circular and sustainable solutions. Recognizing the potential impact of our endeavors, we are excited to have initiated collaborations, notably with the EU, exploring the valorization opportunities of the olive waste stream. This marks a crucial step towards turning environmental challenges into solutions that benefit the entire olive oil ecosystem.

The event also left us with other global opportunities to collaborate on battling climate change through what's called regenerative olive agriculture. Our circular farming framework, using olive waste converted into bio-compost by our Greek partner, is exactly that.

The event was obviously looking for positive impact solutions. Transparency on the real problems of the olive industry however could get surprisingly lots of attention. Olive waste is the real problem for the industry. Although an headache topic, new programs issued by the EU will delve into creative solutions to reduce olive waste to upcycling, increase olive groves as super carbon sinkers and repurpose food by-products or surpluses into valuable products.

Redefining quality in Olive Oil as Organic Food?

In 2021, we launched Elietsa, the first bio-circular extra virgin olive oil. Our vision for the best olive oil extends beyond conventional quality and organic metrics;

We believe that the quality of olive oil should be synonymous with its positive impact on the soil, biodiversity, and ultimately, the planet. Our bio-circular innovation starts at the trees, embraces sustainable pressing, and repurposes waste from mills, resulting in a healthy food product on consumers' tables.

Every Drop Impacts. How You Can impact?

By turning olive waste problems into sustainable solutions, not only the farmers benefit at the beginning of the chain but they also resonate with environmentally conscious consumers worldwide.

These initial three steps represent significant opportunities for an industry grappling with environmental challenges. Turning a current negative into a positive environmental impact of olive oil, coupled with its existing global appeal, positions the sector as an attractive option for the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

Lets applaud IOC’s head of technology and environment by promoting olive oil more as a healthy and environmentally friendly fat.

As the new olive oil makers we continue to the global food product strategy from field-to-table; we are engaging in a collaborative EU project, continuing to be determined to expand the reach of sustainable solutions, involving more experts and farmers to foster positive impacts throughout the olive oil sector.

If you want to read more about our three steps we've implemented to drive the olive industry towards net-zero practices and combat climate change, join the community of this website. We thank you for supporting us for better organic food and healthy eating with bio-circular extra virgin olive oil.

In conclusion, Elietza's journey is about bringing together the right players in this vast agricultural sector, with olive groves as nature's climate warriors and olive mills as sustainable business opportunities. Our rallying cry is clear: #togetherweimpact.

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