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Harvest Workshops - Make Your Own EVOO

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

How cool is that! Another unique experience from our platform. Participate in our Adopt-an-Olive-Tree project and together with our partners: the farm and the oil press mill, you have your own Extra-Virgin Olive Oil made and sent directly from the farm to your kitchen. #togetherweimpact

Have-it-Made or Do-it-Yourself

Just like all of our box subscriptions from the Adopt-an-olive-tree project, you can experience the Making of...Your own, simply and conveniently from behind your screen (experiencethecraft) but for the real foodies come over for a visit to Greece and particpate in a Harvest Workshop and harvest your own. We love your ideas on how to make this experience even better or just subscribe and register yourself for our adopt-an-olive-tree project.

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