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Taste the Change: Elietsa's Culinary Journey towards a Better Planet

At Elietsa, our focus revolves around reimagining how we approach the production of olive oil – and we're thrilled to bring you some exciting updates. You probably remember our unique journey so far –we've completely revolutionized the way olive oil is crafted. At the core of our approach lies circular farming.

''Our commitment to a zero-waste philosophy goes beyond being a mere concept – it's a dedicated effort to lower our carbon footprint''

We take the waste of olive production, remove harmful phytotoxins, transform it into bio-compost, and give it back to our trees.

Our mission strongly aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. Whether it's promoting responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) or taking meaningful steps toward climate action (SDG 13), we're dedicated to incorporating these goals into the essence of Elietsa's purpose: Back to the taste; Forward with the planet.

That said we are happy to introduce a new dimension to our journey – one that empowers you, to make choices that resonate.

Over on our Instagram page, we're rolling out something cool: a feature that calculates the carbon footprint of each recipe we share, using my emission calculator. This tool gives you valuable insights to make informed decisions about the food you prepare. By choosing our recipes with a low carbon footprint, you're not only creating delicious meals – your cooking skills make an impact too for a more sustainable world. #TogetherWeImpact

Keep an eye on our Instagram for these innovative recipes and join us in embracing positive change!

Instagram: Elietsa_extravirginoliveoil

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