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Now Lets Enjoy Superior 
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Eat Well, Live Well

Taste the Difference

Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is a healthy and tasty way to enjoy your meals. extra virgin olive oil is an incredibly versatile ingredient that adds flavour and nutrition to any dish.


Our olive oils are sourced sustainably from small-scale farmers, so when you use it you are helping to support local farmers bringing change and a better planet.

Additionally our olive oils provide a good feel about the food you prepare with it as using sustainably sourced olive oil reduces the environmental impact of your meal, as it helps to reduce carbon emissions.


The Olive Yards is looking to provide you with the best experiences to truly understand the benefits of olive oil and the culinary creativity it can inspire;


We invite guest writers to provide you with science background and interesting facts.


We regularly host events so that you can taste our oils and learn how to create delicious new dishes. Join us today to discover the benefits of olive oil for yourself 

Outdoor Dinner


Experience The Better 

Tasty Experiences

Olive Oil events.png


At the Food Inspiration Days Outdoors, Elietsa was hammered down to some delicious collaborations.


Delicious food prepared with Elietsa Extra virgin Olive Oil by the Masterchefs of 'De Spijs bereiders',


Those dishes were auctioned successfully in exchange for tasty business collaborations

with caterers and wholesalers.


Olive Oil cooking.png
Olive Oil Tasting.png
olive oil workshop.png


At food festivals, with our catering partners and at cooking workshops, our tastings are a new experience to many.


People learn how to taste a quality olive oil and also how you can cook new culinary creations from bread dips to surprising deserts....

Yes, with olive oil!



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