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Regenerative grown, sunripened and early harvested from mediterranean olive trees straight in your kitchen

The Olive Yards
 Back to the Taste, Forward with The Planet

We are The New Olive Oil Makers!

An unique new platform of selected Greek olive farmers and partners. Olive oils from this platform are circular farmed, sustainable produced, zero waste.

Elietsa from the Dampolia Olive Yards is the first olive oil from regenerative, circular farmed olives. Awarded at the 2021 Global Olive Oil Awards in Berlin, with an innovation award and 2 EVOO stars for its superior taste and quality.


Our sustainable sourced process and short chain, from farm until your kitchen, is traceable online. Its how we provide you with control at what you eat and you having instantly impact.

In contrast to buy olive oil at the supermarket you order at The Olive Yards directly from the olive farm, all online. When you join the adopt-an-olive-tree campaign, you are yourself a (virtual) farmer, sustainable producing your own oil from you own tree(s). Simply from behind your screen!

Cooking fresh and eating healthy is more than a trend. Consumers want to buy food products with a cause; naturally grown, organic and sustainably produced and providing the source of the food with a fair price. 


Oils sold at the supermarket are notorious for being over- and industrial produced and chemically cured....for our farmers natural curation, circular and sustainable is the new norm which goes beyond organic!


"This olive oil tastes like a cracking door...."

The experts of the renown Dutch National Food Test, the AD Test 2020 , didn't treat the olive oils gently available at your neighbourhood supermarkets. 


Especially about the taste and how this correlates with the  low prices. The tasting panel also correlates the low price and taste with the bad quality of these olive oil 

" A good quality 'burns' at the back of  the throat, a late peppery, bit better tone"

The consumer is the loser. The can't taste and the labels scream what the consumer beliefs reassures the quality of the product.

" Why is the EU not enacting with more controls?" "Can it be done differently?" is what consumers have been asking us.

Its not only on the supermarkets. The whole olive oil supply chain is unhealthy too. This also applies to other food products as can be seen from the  Netflix series 'Rotten'

Just like chocolate and coffee the platform aims for a new fair chain for olive oil. We invite you and a whole industry to join us!


So what it is....The Olive Yards do differently

Our first launched brand in Western Europe, Elietsa, is fully transparant. Its olive oil quality lab test are published online. So everyone can check. At the label they publish acidity and polyphenol levels. Something no brand is doing...for unknown reasons.

At this platform we want to bring back the taste and the healthy superfood olive oil once was. As The New Olive Oil Makers we set a new norm;

Back to the Taste, forward with the Planet


Know your Source, Know What You Eat 

Our farmers are working together with Greek agri-scientist at an innovative, bio-circular and regenerative farm system. 


It has raised the bar, provide an industry-wide example and challenges the EU to hallmark this method for an industry with large environmental problems and high in need for climate change.


Why to waste time on bureaucracy as the consumer can control everything online..? 

The platform has a social taste also: We are able to provide a fair price to farmers who join the platform and embrace circular farming. Every want wins and .....


Bottling & Tasting 

World Food Center

A Greek Dutch Food Startup

Our olives are handpicked.

All our olive oils are cold - and sustainably pressed by our olive oil press mills, zero waste! After its filtered naturally.


Did you know that many supermarket products on average travel 30.000 kilometer before its on the shelf ?

Directly from the source, the oil arrives at our office and

storage at World Food Center in Ede, Netherlands.Here young en eager entrepreneurs work on the Food of the Future

Our olive oils are bottled in dark bottles or cans. Everything to craft and source sustainably and the best quality.


Our olive oil sommeliers are travelling across the country to have a nation taste the difference! 

We organise original food events with food companies and masterchefs like Pierre Wind and Chris Weij to experience our olive oils and bring Greek delights straight from the land into your kitchen. 


Elietsa delivers their extra virgin olive oil online across the Benelux.


Climate change

The food industry with its pesticides, waste dumps, chemical fertilisers and industrial food processing methods is a large contributor to climate change and poor soil health.

 This platform is here to invite an industry to act different and source sustainably. To empower consumers to have impact and hold business responsible for a healthy planet and food for the future for next generations 

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