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 Circular Olive Farming

Regenerative grown, sunripened and early harvested from mediterranean olive trees, straight into your kitchen

The Olive Yards
 Back to the Taste, Forward with The Planet

The Olive Yards has as its primacy objective the protection and valorization of the Mediterranean olive tree ecosystems.

With our connecting olive farms and mills at this platform, we share our eco-friendly practices, such as circular farming of the olives and zero waste and sustainable production of extra virgin olive oils.


Our extra virgin olive oils are directly delivered from the olive groves to the table for our customers, to bring gastronomic value and the beneficial effects on human and planets' health. 

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We are The New Olive Oil Makers!

We go beyond organic. The Olive Yards as a platform was established in 2020, thanks to research and foresight of Greek science and the will of Mediterranean olive producers with the aim to set a new, enhancing norm of olive oil making.

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Eat Well,Live Well

Fully Transparant

Every single bottle or can of the olive oils from The Olive Yards is fully traceable online and from the label.


Through newsletters, social media, personal email and more you can experience and trace the origin, the quality and the (sustainable) making of all oils by participating olive grove and olive mills producing sustainably and zero waste.

At the label we provide all information about the quality of every drop of olive oil. Extra virgin (defined by acidity) and phenol-richness define the genuine quality of an olive oil.


Its how we challenge other olive oil brands to be fully transparent too. We share how to adopt the global strategy called “Safety from the fields to the table” that concerns the entire food chain and involves all involved in the circular farming, sustainable production, distribution and digital marketing applied by the Olive Yards control plan.

Bio-Circular Farmed

Not just another olive oil...


We produce circular with other olive farmers across the Mediterranean for consumers across Europe.


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Zero Waste

 Olive waste in an industry wide problem

With our agri-tech partner we convert wast, e.g to bio-compost and give it back to our trees.

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Healthy Food

Our Olive Oil are extra virgin and loaded with phenols; highest quality of olive oil, authentically made! 

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Our first olive oil brand Elietsa has been awarded as an elite olive oil at the 2021 Global Olive Oil Awards in Berlin.

Awarded with 2 EVOO stars and an innovation award 


How we work?

Know your source, know what you eat

Our farmers are working together with Greek agri-scientist through an innovative, bio-circular and regenerative farm system. 


The platform is insuring every participating olive farm can comply with the sustainable and circular production specifications and the related control plan.


Plus 1 - Fair price

The platform has a social twist also: Through our online business model we can provide a fair price to the customer.


With every liter of olive oil sold, we provide 1 Euro to the connected farmers of the platform. The program has set up to enhance the lives of local farming families, bringing back the spirit and culture of harvest celebration growing these fine local communities.

Olive Oil Fair Price


No time to waste, jump on board now!



Foodies First

Buy, Adopt, Enjoy 

Consumers are part of our story and the origin of every drop of the olive oil they choose to consume from our connected olive oil makers 


Consumers can even be a virtual farmer! How about that= join us and make your own extra virgin olive oil Simply from behind your screen!


At this platform we want to bring back the taste and the healthy superfood, olive oil once was.

Even going beyond. Setting a new norm.


Find out the story behind The Olive Yards from the founder, Michael

Dutch Healthy Food
2023 - 2024 

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